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Four months ago I worked on a consulting pitch to the PathCheck Foundation — a healthcare startup out of MIT Media Lab where the 🔑 objective was to gain 50%+ adoption of the app in Minnesota.

My group and I placed in the Top 5 and had the opportunity to pitch to the executives at PathCheck.

This past month I had the opportunity to work on another consulting project. This time it was for the United Nations. This wasn’t a model UN conference for school or a fictitious case study scenario given to us. This was a…

Exercise should be your #1 priority. I’m not going to go into doctor mode but we know it helps improve memory and brain function, increases our quality of sleep, etc. But exercise can be boring and ineffective without the proper coaching and routine.

How do I get this package at a good cost? Tonal.

Tonal is a recently deemed unicorn company (current value at $1.6B) that enables you to be your strongest by providing a personalized fitness program that’s optimized for your goals and schedule. …

Meetings are the foundation of how startups run. Going from call to call, talking strategy, operations, execution, etc. The big question is, how much of that time is spent in productive thinking and ideating?

I recall during my early days at Help LLC, we discussed meeting strategy and optimization because we believed in getting things done — it was our mission statement.

Coral reefs provide an important ecosystem for life underwater. They are the jack of all trades when it comes to the ocean and contribute to job creation and animal well-being.

What are some examples of their contributions — The reefs provide a crucial source of income for millions of people since they protect coastlines from stores and erosion. These reefs are also a source of food and new medicines and half a billion people depend on reefs for food, income, and protection. WOW!

Without reefs, coastlines would be extremely vulnerable to erosion, rising sea levels, and other consequences of storms.

Companies like Loon, Mineral, Project Foghorn, and Waymo all have one thing in common. They are moonshot companies.

What’s a Moonshot company? These are companies that aren’t satisfied with the status quo + have a desire to alter the way we view current problems.

Moonshots are long-term companies, they are optimizing for 10x change over a decade of time. Moonshots take ambitions people with an innovative, unconventional mindset and most important it takes people with a desire to build.

Where are these moonshot companies made? These companies are made at Google X — The Moonshot Factory. X is a group…

  • Develop a decision matrix. In doing so you can detach emotion from the picture and focus on rational thinking
  • The phrase “I have no time” is mindless. You do have the time, you just aren’t making it a priority.
  • Set scary standards. Your level of excellence and expectation for your product, service, or experience should be something that is unattainable. Safe goals are set by safe leaders with safe visions. Give yourself a goal that scares you, and you’ll produce results that exceed your expectations.
  • Allow for failure. The road to success is reached by enduring multiple failures. Encourage yourself…

Time is an asset, so spend it wisely. Day after day, hours go by, and how we spend them is often an indicator of our overall success. Time management is something I’ve always struggled with.

If you can take control of this + master it, your life will be more efficient and fulfilling.

From setting a schedule to execution, it’s been hard. My priorities were off and for that reason I was unable to take full advantage of the schedule I had set. There was also the fact that I would go from activity to activity without break and my mind was constantly changing focus leading to a loss in overall productivity.

So I recently started boxing, time-boxing…

As the beginning of 2021 began, I peered over my New Year’s Resolutions and at number one, I had increase longevity. This was obviously a very ambiguous resolution but one that I wanted to hyper-focus on in the 2021. With the continuous impact of the pandemic, it was evident that the immune system and personal health were two focal things that impacted a lot of people.

I began researching ways to increase my longevity and I came across a post-interview article from Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN News Correspondent and American Neurosurgeon.The article discussed dementia and the process to slow it…

November 29, 2020. It was a Sunday morning and I was scrolling through LinkedIn attempting to find people in the VR industry to connect with. I landed upon Alan’s profile, checked out his company, and wanted to immediately set up a chat for us to talk.

I sent him a message and to my surprise, he responded less than an hour after I reached out to him.

Alan giving a Ted Talk on the Marriage of Technology and Education

Last month, I had the opportunity to chat with Alan, CEO of MetaVRse, 2x Podcast Host, and XR expert, and wanted to share __ key things that stood out to me and how…

In 2020 I learned the power of the hustle. The ability to see something you want and chase after it. Whether it be an opportunity, a project, or a customer, it doesn’t matter. The hustle is this innate drive that you need to have in order to succeed. Nothing else should phase you or disrupt you from accomplishing your mission because you’re so locked in and are willing to do everything possible to reach that epitome.

The definition of hustle is — someone who is a go-getter. I think that’s a terrible way to describe the hustle. A go-getter is…

Zayn Patel

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