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Four months ago I worked on a consulting pitch to the PathCheck Foundation — a healthcare startup out of MIT Media Lab where the 🔑 objective was to gain 50%+ adoption of the app in Minnesota.

My group and I placed in the Top 5 and had the opportunity to pitch to the executives at PathCheck.

This past month I had the opportunity to work on another consulting project. This time it was for the United Nations. This wasn’t a model UN conference for school or a fictitious case study scenario given to us. This was a…

In the absence of focus, progress is bounded, and disruption is impractical.

I’m ending Foundations Podcast. A show that I created in May of 2020 that had listeners in 40+ countries (6 continents), created 50+ episodes, and donated 3000+ meals to Feeding America.

tl;dr of the podcast origin and journey

The focal intention of me creating the podcast was to provide high quality conversations about social impact/entrepreneurship, innovation, and self-improvement. Foundations was an opportunity for me to skillstack and refine my knowledge in social media strategy, content creation, relationship building, product design, asset building, selling, branding, etc.

foundations podcast cover. — by zayn patel.

While I accomplished the original goals I set, I subconsciously…

ideas that I’m exploring in this newsletter. image made by zayn patel.

Time is an asset, so spend it wisely. Day after day, hours go by, and how we spend them is often an indicator of our overall success. Time management is something I’ve religiously experimented with, aspiring to find the “right” way to manage.

Let’s dissect that mindset.

Is there a right way to manage time or is there a best way to manage time. The right way to manage time includes watching videos of other’s routine, attempting to copy their actions, and piloting that in your life. …

🔑 learning — Consume positively, productively, and purposefully.

I’ll preface by stating that you are what you consume. The adage you are what you eat is something you’ve been told since you were a kid but what we fail to realize is that this phrase is applicable beyond the domain of food.

We consume television, radio, podcasts, tweets, articles, conversations, etc on a day-day basis and while some of the information provides value, most people don’t filter. We consume tons of information without intention and the end result is an overwhelmed state. …

LinkedIn exchanges, business card retrieval, and booths filled with flyers + pamphlets that 1% of the conference population saves.

The above is a familiar scene for many, an in-person conference. As I began thinking about the most valuable conversations I’ve had at conferences the thread I identified was the ability to interact with a device (iPad, PC, etc.) or an individual. Both interaction types created an experience, something that a flyer, business card, or LinkedIn link couldn’t do.

When I discovered Augmented Reality (AR), I found that the capabilities for combining the digital and physical experience of conferences was available…

Podcast Episode

Multi-disciplinary intellect is a commodity.

In the current business landscape, more companies are expanding their product lines to meet customer needs, vanquish competitors, and develop more connections with customers. The 🔑 component to navigating this environment is understanding each operation and it’s integration.

6 months ago, I talked to Jesse Stollak, the Chief Marketing Officer at Converse. The most interesting part of the conversation was a thread on market research. Jesse’s teams at Converse make calculated, data-driven decisions that ensure positive returns for the company. No decision is made simply by impulse.

The key driver of the data…

… and hello substack, medium,

Misinformation, polarization, and cancel culture have been on the rise as news networks focus more on manipulation of their audience and less on providing high quality, truthful news.

In an age where clicks draw advertisers and advertisers draw money, media networks have been brainwashed by revenue and it’s caused a symmetric disruption between the quality of the news and the idea of trust.

While the current state of media networks is poor, I think there are several key disrupters that will continue to rise in influence throughout the next few years.

image made by zayn patel, describing the chart of media’s future.


Most companies had…

🔑 learning — Calculate your personal execution efficiency. I recently found myself thinking about the idea of execution + the execution rate of the best doers. While I was deep in journaling mode yesterday I started writing about my frustration with the # of empty checkboxes on my notion list. I put my pencil down and started writing about why I wasn’t able to complete tasks.

Productivity is one of the most sought after skills in the world.

tl;dr on what I found — I start and plan far more items than I complete, which means I think more than I do.

The highest performers have a high personal execution efficiency.

What does this mean? — Let’s use fictitious Patrick as a case study. He brainstorms his week and has 15 total items to complete. His…

Podcast Episode

The rapid thinker always loses to the rapid doer.

In our society, we have a volume number of thinkers that generate ideas but fail to act on them. The mentality of thinking > doing is a key antidote to the execution and excel rate of people, organizations, etc.

Throughout the past 6 months, I’ve had the opportunity to strengthen my relationship with Sophie Beren and work for The Conversationalist, serving on their Advisory Board + currently as a Special Project Intern. The most interesting part of being part of internal operations with the team is studying the rate…

🔑 learning — Document every action you take and create a personalized routine.

Pre-face: Every action you take doesn’t have to be documented, you don’t have to track yourself minute by minute, or write down all your thoughts.

While the above strategies are items I’ve implemented before, none of them are sustainable + are prone to short-term gains but long-term failure. Observing and documenting behavior patterns and macro insights in order to create a more personalized routine is a strategy optimized for sustainability.

How does this work?

My daily schedule used to look like this: wake up → work → break → work →…

Zayn Patel

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