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Four months ago I worked on a consulting pitch to the PathCheck Foundation — a healthcare startup out of MIT Media Lab where the 🔑 objective was to gain 50%+ adoption of the app in Minnesota.

My group and I placed in the Top 5 and had the opportunity to pitch to the executives at PathCheck.

This past month I had the opportunity to work on another consulting project. This time it was for the United Nations. This wasn’t a model UN conference for school or a fictitious case study scenario given to us. This was a…

Jared McCann the newest Seattle Kraken left winger is vigorously skating across the ice. Stride after stride chasing down the defender past the blue line who wants to clear the puck.

As I see him race down the ice, I’m thinking, how fast is he skating? what’s his total time on ice? is he going to reach the defender before the puck is cleared?

I reach into my pocket and pull out my phone, log in to the Seattle Kraken app and point my phone at Jared. My phone uses computer vision, a blend of ai + computer science, to…

Our education system is flawed. We don’t know how to prepare students for 2030. We aren’t teaching them about emerging technology, design, entrepreneurship and we are failing to each them about real world skills. Students don’t know how to build a network, share their knowledge publicly through articles, youtube videos, or tweets. Students leave high school, enter college and recycle their learnings from high school.

Study. Get good grades. Repeat.

They’re immersed in an intellectual blackhole that incentivizes a student’s ability to pass vs. learn.

We’re wasting human potential.

Thoughts on current education

My cynical view on education is that it is horrific and…

summer seems to be a time of high velocity, accelerating speed and direction faster than other points of the year. the unique juxtaposition between summer and the 9 months that sandwich this middle of the year time is my focus on priorities symmetrically increases with the items I attempt to take on. time is available in the summer it’s a commodity that in the school/work year we have to fight for.

today, as I was thinking about transitioning to the fall, I turned reflective. the greater connection to this emotion was the hustle that my life had consisted of for…

Habits are the compound interest of improvement or sabotaging behavior. We dictate how we build these loops.

In a conversation with a founder in the San Francisco education market, she stated that more schools are repping students to create bad habits at scale vs. good habits. Here’s a scenario from a classroom.

Teacher: Students if x is divided by 4 and equals to, what’s the value of x?

Students: Reach over to their calculators and type the equation into their calculator.

Current education is creating cycles of dependency between technology and students. If students have a question, they immediately reach…

Values are the drivers behind who we are. Without values we are individuals walking around earth without an intention or purpose, we just do. I never really knew what I valued. I had thoughts, patterns, and a conscious idea of what was right vs. wrong.

image created by zayn patel — showing why values matter. original blog on notion created on 5/11/2021.

Towards the first half of 2021 I hit a productivity decline. I wasn’t completing as many tasks + assignments as before, my progress was halted, and I started wondering what the key problems were. As we mature there are steps we need to take in order to mature effectively. One of those steps is becoming…

current landing page mocked up on figma. this is the only image you’ll see in the article. intentionally wanted to keep it clean for best reader view/concept engagement.

Training students to be problem-solvers vs. answer-seekers is how we solve climate change, reactive healthcare, global poverty, etc.

The problem is, most students are answer seekers. I want to train kids to think differently.

I started writing Gamifying Education in January alongside Eric Koester and Georgetown University. The premise of the book is to write the blueprint to build new schools and document my vision for the education system as I begin to create it throughout the next 5–10 years.

The inevitable fact is — school needs an update. The system is unknowingly training students to think inside the box…

In the absence of focus, progress is bounded, and disruption is impractical.

I’m ending Foundations Podcast. A show that I created in May of 2020 that had listeners in 40+ countries (6 continents), created 50+ episodes, and donated 3000+ meals to Feeding America.

tl;dr of the podcast origin and journey

The focal intention of me creating the podcast was to provide high quality conversations about social impact/entrepreneurship, innovation, and self-improvement. Foundations was an opportunity for me to skillstack and refine my knowledge in social media strategy, content creation, relationship building, product design, asset building, selling, branding, etc.

foundations podcast cover. — by zayn patel.

While I accomplished the original goals I set, I subconsciously…

ideas that I’m exploring in this newsletter. image made by zayn patel.

Time is an asset, so spend it wisely. Day after day, hours go by, and how we spend them is often an indicator of our overall success. Time management is something I’ve religiously experimented with, aspiring to find the “right” way to manage.

Let’s dissect that mindset.

Is there a right way to manage time or is there a best way to manage time. The right way to manage time includes watching videos of other’s routine, attempting to copy their actions, and piloting that in your life. …

🔑 learning — Consume positively, productively, and purposefully.

I’ll preface by stating that you are what you consume. The adage you are what you eat is something you’ve been told since you were a kid but what we fail to realize is that this phrase is applicable beyond the domain of food.

We consume television, radio, podcasts, tweets, articles, conversations, etc on a day-day basis and while some of the information provides value, most people don’t filter. We consume tons of information without intention and the end result is an overwhelmed state. …

Zayn Patel

creator @georgetown, fellow @beondeck, activator @theksociety.

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