Team Project Deck

Four months ago I worked on a consulting pitch to the PathCheck Foundation — a healthcare startup out of MIT Media Lab where the 🔑 objective was to gain 50%+ adoption of the app in Minnesota.

My group and I placed in the Top 5 and had…

Project Breakdown and Code Walkthrough

This article gives an overview of unsupervised learning, the K-Means algorithm and the math behind clusters, and a code breakdown of an unsupervised learning project I built.

If you’re interested here’s the breakdown:

  1. Background on Unsupervised Learning
  2. K-Means Algorithm — Clustering Process, Math, Applications
  3. Project and Code Breakdown

Background on Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning…

Learnings from 12 Hour Hackathon

We’re exactly like Artificial Intelligence.

Deep learning, specifically.

One of the core parts of deep learning is reinforcement learning. It’s similar to operant conditioning in psychology where we’re rewarded or punished based on a set of behaviors. …

26,000 physicians across the United States fuel the country’s opioid crisis

Overprescribing by 50%

The US is projected to have 700,000 opioid deaths by 2025. Doctors are misprespcribing pain killers because of the subjectivity of current pain assessments.

Pain is the focal reason people enter the healthcare system. It’s also a private, subjective experience that’s difficult to communicate. …

How NLP and Predictive Analysis Can Help Retain + Perform on Exams

Students spend 4–5 hours each day, studying. Teachers spend 2–3 hour each day, preparing for class.

It’s obvious that these aren’t positive numbers. Both processes are highly ineffective and for students, most of their studying isn’t done correctly.

In the cost-benefit analysis of what students should focus on, they’ve chosen…

Using Machine Learning and Augmented Reality to create teacherless classrooms

We’ve been sending kids to school for 400+ years.

Each one of those years has included the same format of education.

Every student sits in a chair. They all listen to a teacher. …

Jared McCann the newest Seattle Kraken left winger is vigorously skating across the ice. Stride after stride chasing down the defender past the blue line who wants to clear the puck.

As I see him race down the ice, I’m thinking, how fast is he skating? what’s his total time…

Our education system is flawed. We don’t know how to prepare students for 2030. We aren’t teaching them about emerging technology, design, entrepreneurship and we are failing to each them about real world skills. Students don’t know how to build a network, share their knowledge publicly through articles, youtube videos…

summer seems to be a time of high velocity, accelerating speed and direction faster than other points of the year. the unique juxtaposition between summer and the 9 months that sandwich this middle of the year time is my focus on priorities symmetrically increases with the items I attempt to…

Habits are the compound interest of improvement or sabotaging behavior. We dictate how we build these loops.

In a conversation with a founder in the San Francisco education market, she stated that more schools are repping students to create bad habits at scale vs. good habits. …

Zayn Patel

creator @georgetown, fellow @beondeck, activator @theksociety.

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